My Ngapali beach, Burma Escapade

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4A nation as wealthy and diverse in topography as it is in values, principles, and way of living, Burma possesses scenery to match every taste of the traveller. When it comes to coast enthusiasts, the extended shorelines of the country deliver a lot of selection, on the other hand as those people who have preferred to voyage to Burma and explore the choices can prove, the premium surf, sun, and sand are the things to be come across at Ngapali Beach. Scan on to mug up more as regards this serene heaven.

An Introduction Ngapali Beach

Located on the sunlit southern shoreline of Rakhine Municipal, Ngapali seaside is a peaceful three-kilometre expanse of silver sands, outlying on a single area with shaded plants and on the added by the turquoise sea and calm waves of the Bengal Bay. Resting around seven kilometres coming from the marine harbour metropolis of Thandwe, it has produced itself a status to be one of the premium escapes in the country. Every time you explore this magnificent republic, the diversity and energy of locations to stay as well as the things to experience and see can create for a delightful escapade, but from time to time it is purely enjoyable to unwind, hence such is the factor that attracts visitors to Ngapali. A single influence that augments to its attraction is that the place is not merely a visitor resort catering to those people who journey to Burma. On the other hand, it is likewise widely held with Burmese travellers, particularly all over the water fiesta during April, whenever native celebrations shall be in maximum swing.

Activities to Look After in Ngapali

Talking about happenings, there is sufficient amount of activities to do in and from place to place in Ngapali, even though for persons who probably would have a preference to lounge by the coast and read, there is no other location better to do such things than at this place. Native fishermen, who go fishing for the period of the evening, frequently modify responsibilities in the daytime to turn out to be attendants and vessel chauffeurs, permitting guests to travel the extra private coves and the smattering of lavishly arboreal islands that stretch out just off coast.

The Red Velvet Craze in Manila

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A guaranteed way to say that a certain food or particular dish has acquired a spot in the mainstream industry is when a lot of food chains or restaurants add them or present them as the centerpiece of their menu. In the year 2012, Red Ribbon and a whole lot of other bakeries and pastry shops introduced the menu, Red Velvet to the disgust of dessert hipsters.

This overrated pastry in the form of either a cake or a cupcake has been the most chosen dessert in the previous year, especially women who are going through their monthly hankerings. Not fortunate enough, not all of the people have an idea that without the red artificial coloring for food, they will be welcomed by a rather unattractive color of brown. Thanks to the cocoa powder by the Dutch and the dark brown sugar.

History says to people that Red Velvet actually made its debut during the early times of the World War II, wherein beetroot were in fact boiled and utilized to color the pastries and cakes. Interestingly, it made the pastries moister than ever. The frosting of cream cheese simply followed suit after the cake underwent a modern metamorphosis.

Presently in the city of Manila, Red Velvet is a proud star in most of the wide array of cupcakes in various bakeshops around the city. My primary memory of this wonderful piece of pastry was during the event of Cupcakes by Sonja in the high end community of Serendra in the year 2008. For quite some time, Sonja was the only pastry shop that I know that carried the Red Velvet menu, as what is obvious nowadays, most of the bakers around the city leaped into the bandwagon.

As many would expect, there have been a number of courageous pastry chefs who have done innovations in the typical Red Velvet recipe such as the cookies, cheesecake, coffee, and even ice cream. This makes me wonder what type of product of Red Velvet are they going to innovate and do for this year.

My Cousin’s Dreamy Wedding at Koh Samui

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I really think that getting married is such an exciting stage of human growth. You meet a person, fall in love and decide to finally settle and spend the rest of your life with that person. Isn’t that amazing? But despite such scenario, I find it hard to see myself walking down the aisle someday and tying the knot with a partner. Probably because I am still engrossed with the idea of finding more beautiful places here on Earth and be satisfied with my adventures in life before I will finally decide to settle down.

But if you have witnessed the wedding of my cousin, who was the bride, you can practically imagine that marriage can be very blissful and complete because you can see that they only have their eyes set on each other. I am not yet so over with the happiness that I felt during that time plus the fact that it was a beach wedding, one of the spots that I so love until I die. My outfit consisted of cream, floral dress, a pair of powder blue wedges and powder blue purse, and a vintage necklace. Though I’ve practically stayed in Thailand for several years already as a Marine Science Major student, I never knew there are still a lot of paradises in this country that I have not set foot into like Koh Samui, which happened to be the venue of my cousin’s wedding. I thought it was one of the perfect sights I have seen. The decoration was fresh and dreamy with a red carpet for an aisle, well decorated seats and the natural beauty of the sea, mountains and blue skies as the backdrop. The wedding was pretty intimate as there were only about 50 plus guests in the area excluding a few members of the entourage. Speaking of the entourage, I find the bridesmaids really gorgeous. Their bridesmaid dresses that look like a simple yet very chic cocktail dresses are said to have been ordered online from Bridesire. Given of the quality and overall appeal of the dresses, I will certainly scour this site immediately as I am looking for the perfect cocktail dress for an upcoming homecoming party next month.

On the one hand, I think the reception was pretty amazing and it was very near from the wedding ceremony area. I actually danced with her and talked about our childhood for awhile as I fought back the tears from falling. There were a number of courses, most of it is sea foods, and I also love the desserts and beverages served. It was a buffet style and really fulfilling.

Gosh! Seeing my cousin happy and glowing last week as she welcomed marriage in her life was such a relief. After all, we barely see each other for the last couple of months due to my travels.

El Nido, Palawan: My First Taste of Heaven on Earth

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Everyone has to experience the first taste of everything. This will broaden one’s perspectives in life and widens his or her life experience. As for me, my month-long tour in the Philippines, most especially my stay in the perfect place they call, El Nido, Palawan, gave me my first taste of heaven on Earth.

When they say that the greatest beaches can be found in the Philippines, they mean it. I myself am a witness to the finest and most marvelous creations of God in the aforementioned country.


El Nido is a premiere municipality within the island of Palawan. It is located 260 miles southwest of the capital city of the Philippines, Manila.


Without casting any doubt, El Nido is one of God’s most wonderful creations ever made. What makes it even more attractive are the wonderful islands speckled around its coast.


I stayed in El Nido for at least three days to give myself more time to marvel over Palawan’s beautiful islands. Since it was my first time to visit the island, I don’t to get lost by exploring the place alone. I booked various island hopping tours during my entire stay in Palawan. Also, my goal was to explore the entire place and meet new interesting people.

The tour’s first destination was Cadlao Island. It is a towering mountain situated at the very heart of the ocean. The view of the entire El Nido atop the island’s peak literally took our breath away.

Our second destination was the place called the Hidden Beach in the Island of Matinloc. It was dubbed as hidden because tourists won’t immediately notice the white sand beach of the island since it is partly surrounded by limestone cliffs, blocking the view of the wonderful beach. The water of the island was simply amazing as it is crystal clear and perfect for swimming. It was not an ideal place for snorkeling though, so we transferred to Tapiutan Island. The island was perfect for snorkeling as it offers a wide array of marine biodiversity.

Our fourth destination was Star Beach. The place was named Star Beach because of the lavishness of starfish in that particular region. A bountiful buffet of lunch was served and filled our hungry stomachs. After lunch, we had quite a rest as we enjoy the serene atmosphere of the area.

Finally, we went to Calaan Beach to witness the beautiful sunset. There isn’t much sunset view in El Nido since its west side is blocked by steep cliffs. Fortunately, the package tour that I availed included a trip to Calaan Beach, the only beach in El Nido that offers a scenic view of the sun as it kisses the shore.

My entire trip in El Nido was extremely unforgettable. The thousand miles I travelled just to get to the Philippines was all made worth it because of El Nido.